Our classes

Week by week we explore different themes such as animals, body parts, colours, food, numbers, weather and holidays through music, drama and movement activities that develop young children in a holistic way. Fun songs and rhymes, finger play, actions, games, props, percussion instruments and the bubble show provide a stimulating enviroment for the children to engage with the teacher and their peers. Children learn through play and music, they have fun, they socialise and bond with their caregivers in a happy environment.
In addition, they get to attend a baby concert, designed especially for their age group, as Cleo plays the recorder and the guitar and sings in between with her beautiful voice.
The morning classes are ideal for babies from 4 months old up to 3 years old children. Clap and Jump afternoon classes are suitable for children between 3-7 years of age.

Sing Along Kids ​with opera singer Cleo Mitilineou - Budapest
Sing Along Kids ​with opera singer Cleo Mitilineou - Budapest